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I need advise [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:46 am]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community


[mood |worriedworried]

hello, I live in florida. my name is sherelle, and I have a question. I have a good friend who in in a situation.
Here is the story.
My friend "D" , was in forster care since she was 8 years old. She had 5 more siblings who was also placed in forster care. Well, one of her siblings, who is a girl, and has mild mental retardation was molested in one of the forster homes she was put in. She later was removed from that home and put into another home. She later gave birth to an adorable baby girl, which is now 5 yrs old (she does not have her mother's mental retardation). When she turned 18 in that forster home she was put in, the forster mother kicked her out and kept her baby girl. She later that night called her sister"D", which is my friend,who was no longer in forster care herself. Well, my friend "D" went through the court systems, and she gain custody of her niece, however, the forster mom who was trying to take her niece, also has weekend custody of the little girl.
My friend "D" is very intelligent, she is only 21 yrs old, and now she has to take care of this little girl, and her special needs sister. She want to move away so she can attend a University of her choice, but she can't because of the custody battle that is going on with this forster mom. The question is , is this legal or did they did this to her because she is young? can someone actually get visitation rights even though they are not related? I am so concern for her because she has been through a whole lot, and she needs to go on with her life. Can someone tell me what i can do to help her get full custody of her niece? and what procedures do we have to take?

From: darrbizzare
2005-06-28 06:08 am (UTC)
We're probably not the best people to ask about this type of thing. You might try talking to the USF legal assistance (we should have something like that) who might be able to give you definite answers. Sorry I couldnt be more help
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From: hmokes919
2013-02-17 08:04 am (UTC)
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