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USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2007|12:55 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hey all! I am going to be moving to Tampa in July and attending USF for the fall and I wanted to know if you all had any reccomendations or needs for a roomie around then.

I haven't seen them in person, but so far I'm interestedin Boardwalk, Reflections, and Collegiate Hall. I'm looking for a 1/1 lease in an apartment with roommates (Coed is fine!) for around $500+/- a month with internet, a gym, and a pool.

Since I live in Orlando, I don't really know the area too well so if there are words to the wise and helpful hints I'd much appreciate them! Suggestions and comments and concerns. Sounds rather democratic, but I pass out thank you cards to all!
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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2007|02:26 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community


Hey! I'm a law student here and I need to sublet my apartment for the summer.. I figured since you were all pre-law students, you could be trusted :)

If you or anyone you know wants to live in St. Pete, FL for the summer, PLEASE let me know! I need to sublet my AWESOME (and pretty cheap) apartment for the summer! YAY!


It's a really big 2 bedroom, 1 bath, it's about 1 minute from he Skyway. It has a washer/dryer hookup in it, and we could leave our washer and dryer in it because we got new ones. Both bedrooms have ENORMOUS walk-in closets too, and we have a cute little balcony. The apartment complex has 4 big pools, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, a fitness center, a community center, etc. It's pretty much like living in a resort. The rent is $716 (which is pretty good for the size, the amenities, and the fact that it's only a block from the water). The apartment complex requires that everyone has basic cable too, which is $36 and brings the total to $752. We really really like it here, but we just got a house. We have to move into the house May 20th, and our lease doesn't end until September. So, any or all of the months between the end of May, June, July, and August would be awesome!


 Let me know if you would like to come by to see the place, or have any questions! Pictures are behind the cut!




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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2006|09:38 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

are there any muslimahs, that go to the masjid around here? I'm looking for someone to go with me, cause i really don't feel comfotable going alone....
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Big Event on Campus [Jan. 27th, 2006|11:25 am]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community
USF College Democrats, in association with Bulls for
Davis and P.R.I.D.E. Alliance are planning an event on campus (sponsored by the
DNC) called: Pizza, Politcs and Power, Thursday, Feb.
  We are planning to have a large amount of representatives from
the Democratic party who are currently going to be running in November of 2006
attending both from local and national level. There is going to be a special
speaker, Steny Hoyer, the Democratic Whip!


If you could send this around to people/organizations
who might be interested in volunteering or being at this event (tabling etc)
please email either myself at: akoutsog@mail.usf.edu or Maja Lacevic at
usfdemocrats@gmail.com . This is
going to potentially be a NATIONALLY covered event! More
details to come!
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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2006|01:38 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

I'm looking for a roomate... to move into a 2b/2b apt of our choice, preferably close to USF, at the end of April. Male/female gay/stright oesn't matter to me. I'm pretty easy to deal with, and i tend to be quite laid back. I had plans ot leave the state, but they fell through so now i have to find place to live, and a roomate to live with by the end of my current lease.

AIM - UnsilencedWit

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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2006|08:25 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

I'm moving to New York, here in the next month, I'm looking for someone to take over my half of the lease, at Park Terrece Apts, on 50th, by USF. I live in a 2 bed 2 1/2 bath town house, off 50th. There is a very clean female roommate, with a furnished common area. Nice spacious floorplan, call 646-920-1553 for information, ask for Amanda.
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Internship Opp. [Nov. 14th, 2005|09:16 am]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

Want to get involved with the

Jim Davis for Governor Campaign?

On and Off Campus Opportunities

About Jim Davis

As a former leader in the state house and now in the US Congress, Jim has
worked hard for issues important to students. He’s currently leading the
Democratic Primary in the polls and in money raised, and is committed to running
a strong campaign statewide.

Off campus

Rep. Jim Davis is looking for interns to get involved with his campaign for
Governor. This is a great opportunity to get involved early with a large and
exciting statewide campaign. 

--Strong communications skills

--Can-do attitude

--Responsible and reliable

--Willingness to learn

--Ability to make a regular commitment of 5-25 hours per week. Opportunities
are also available for individuals who can not make a regular commitment.

--Interest in a political campaign and Democratic politics

--Willingness to learn and develop campaign skills

--Campus organizing experience a plus

The campaign will work with students to obtain credit for the experience.
Please send resumes to sanderkirk@hotmail.com. In your email and/over cover
letter, please note how many hours you’re interested in working and your

On campus

Several students have expressed an interest in organizing a presence for the
campaign on campus. We’d like to work with students who want to get

Do you want to get involved with the campaign on campus? Please email Kirk at

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Students For Davis [Aug. 29th, 2005|02:46 pm]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community
For all those interested in getting involved in the upcoming state elections...we are getting a group together for Congressman Jim Davis (D) who is running for Governor of Florida...

When: Wednesday at 9:15pm in the UNC (Teco energy hall) room 3006...

We will be giving out bumperstickers, buttons and pens!

Come and get to find out a little more about Jim Davis and get involved in the democratic process!

Will have FREE food at upcoming meetings!

To find out more about Jim go to www.jimdavis2006.com

Any other questions you can email me at: dkelly@jimdavis2006.com

We CAN make a difference.. you just gotta put down that X-box controller to make it happen....

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I need advise [Jun. 28th, 2005|08:46 am]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

[mood |worriedworried]

hello, I live in florida. my name is sherelle, and I have a question. I have a good friend who in in a situation.
Here is the story.
My friend "D" , was in forster care since she was 8 years old. She had 5 more siblings who was also placed in forster care. Well, one of her siblings, who is a girl, and has mild mental retardation was molested in one of the forster homes she was put in. She later was removed from that home and put into another home. She later gave birth to an adorable baby girl, which is now 5 yrs old (she does not have her mother's mental retardation). When she turned 18 in that forster home she was put in, the forster mother kicked her out and kept her baby girl. She later that night called her sister"D", which is my friend,who was no longer in forster care herself. Well, my friend "D" went through the court systems, and she gain custody of her niece, however, the forster mom who was trying to take her niece, also has weekend custody of the little girl.
My friend "D" is very intelligent, she is only 21 yrs old, and now she has to take care of this little girl, and her special needs sister. She want to move away so she can attend a University of her choice, but she can't because of the custody battle that is going on with this forster mom. The question is , is this legal or did they did this to her because she is young? can someone actually get visitation rights even though they are not related? I am so concern for her because she has been through a whole lot, and she needs to go on with her life. Can someone tell me what i can do to help her get full custody of her niece? and what procedures do we have to take?
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2005|12:01 am]
USF Political Science & Pre Law Community

hey there me and my bf have set up a fire works stand on the corner of bearrs and florida (next to the mcd's)
we sell an assortment of fireworks.. Blackcats...huge a** variety packs.. you name it we probably have it... and for very reasonable prices!

I would try to give discounts or something but the guys we got the fireworks from are pretty stringent about how much we can sell'em for... =/

the reason i am putting this here is pretty much well.. you can go to any fireworks stand..but why not buy them and help out a student trying to get money together for her masters education (in poly sci)!

so if you were planning on buying fireworks ANYWAYS or want to beat the rush or just like blowing stuff up we would greatly appreciate your business!!

We will be there from now right up until 4th of July weekend!

Thanks for your time!
And have a great Independence Day
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